Cessna Citation CJ3

The Cessna CitationJet/CJ/M2 series are light business jets built by Cessna and part of the Citation family. Launched in October 1989, the Model 525 first flight was on April 29, 1991, Federal Aviation Administration certification was awarded on October 16, 1992, and first delivery happened on March 30, 1993. Powered by two Williams FJ44s, it uses the Citation II's forward fuselage with a new carry-through section, wing, and T-tail. The basic CitationJet model was updated into the CJ1/CJ1+/M2 variants; additionally, CJ1 was stretched into the CJ2/CJ2+ delivered from 2000 to 2016, then further into the CJ3/CJ3+ delivered from December 2004 and finally into the CJ4 delivered since 2010. By June 2017, 2,000 of all variants have been delivered.