Lavochkin LA-9 Fritz

The Lavochkin La-9 (NATO reporting name Fritz) was a Soviet fighter aircraft produced shortly after World War II. It was a piston engined aircraft produced at the start of the jet age.

Closely related to the La-126, the La-130 - first flown on 16 June 1946 - embodied a number of refinements, both aerodynamic and structural, and featured a revised fuel system of increased capacity. It retained the ASh-82FN radial of the preceding fighters, but provision was made for a quartet of 23mm NS-23 cannon. Series production was authorised in November 1946 as the La-9, deliveries to the VVS commencing February 1947 from GAZ 21 at Gor'kiy. A tandem two-seat training version, the La-9UTI, was flown in July 1947, and series production continued for three years, 1,630 single-seaters and 265 two-seaters being built.